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Roger Ver and to Launch a $200 Million Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fund is taking an active role in promoting the BCH ecosystem. It has announced the launch of a $200 million fund for developers to bring Bitcoin (BTC) cash users all over the world new opportunities and to give institutional investors the chance to capitalize in cryptocurrency.

The fund will be launched in 2020. Its main focus will be on payment solutions and Bitcoin Cash’s non-custodial financial services. It will incubate and invest in merchant and wallet acquirers, processors remittances and payment gateways.

Other Institutional Investors Can Join the Fund

While some details about this BCH investment fund are not yet completed, one thing is sure, it will allow other institutional investors to participate.

Bitcoin Cash will come with a portfolio of payment businesses in which people should invest, the landing page for the submission of business plans being set to open very soon.

Institutional Investment Companies Have Been Screened

Stefan Rust, the CEO of has screened institutional investment companies, identifying 20 of them that are aligned with his own company’s vision and requirements.

A fee for managing the fund and helping the institutional investors would be charged, aside from the fees for accessing underlying payment businesses. It has been said institutions are very eager to join in the development of a BCH future. This is what Stefan Rust had to say:

“ receives between 6 to 8 business plans every day from software entrepreneurs leveraging the unique features and capabilities of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. now has the resources and team to support these BCH entrepreneurs, grow the value of their businesses and spread bitcoin cash adoption.”

Roger Ver, the Executive Chairman at added:

“There is so much great infrastructure and businesses being built in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem every day. is going to accelerate the development with our million-dollar ecosystem investment fund.”

Roger Ver’s idea was recently presented to the London’s Bitcoin Cash Meetup community.

It’s Good to Know the BCH Ecosystem is Being Promoted

As said before, is very keen to make Bitcoin Cash peer-to-peer electronic money and to develop the BCH ecosystem. What’s even more interesting is that recently, the electronics company HTC has introduced the Bitcoin Cash support to its Exodus 1 smartphone, after closing a partnership with

More than this, listing a futures Bitcoin Cash contract is also in discussions and waiting for the US CFTC’s approval, which may come at the end of 2020’s first quarter. Also Supports SLP is also supporting the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), which is a token system that allows anyone in the Bitcoin Cash network to create tokens without asking for permission. SLP has encouraged a BCH ecosystem that replicates ECR20 tokens variety in the Ethereum network to develop.

As a matter of fact, this is also why Exchange has been launched in September, offering projects a platform to list SLP tokens. More than this, the team of developers at has increased 36,000 times more, with people from more than 100 countries. They’re even helping to organize BCH meetups all over the world.