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Travala Partners Up with as Crypto Payments for Traveling can Boost Adoption


Travala is Known to Work with Digital Currencies

Travala has adopted many digital currencies, including the most important ones like BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, BNB and TRX.

Besides, it also accepts traditional fiat payments through cards and PayPal. They also have their own tradable token called AVA, which can be used to pay for any booking on its website.

There’s Also a Partnership Between Travala and Komodo

Not too long ago, Travala has signed a partnership with Komodo, a platform that now accepts KMD. Another of its other partners is KuCoin, meaning Travala accepts KuCoin Shares crypto assets as payment.

The partnership with will have the adoption of crypto happening more rapidly, seeing more and more people all over the world are traveling very often nowadays.

In May 2019, Travala also signed a partnership with for a crypto wallet, making it possible for Bitcoin to be used when booking a hotel.